Honorable Mayor of Burnaby Mr. Derek Corrigan and Councillor Heather Deal and Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Vancouver Mr Anil Bora Inan, and honorable guests and Canadian friends and our dear youth Welcome to our Republic Dinner. As you all know  the Turkish republic is a sacred value of Turkish nation, it is entrusted by our dear Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk  to the Turkish youth as the most valuable treasure and the safeguard of the future of our nation. We are gathered here tonight to celebrate together the 93rd Anniversary of our Republic. We would like to greet you all on behalf of Turkish Canadian Society.

Thanks to its democratic constitution, Turkey has become the first and only Secular state in the Mulsim world, and took its place in the western culture right after the declaration of Turkish Republic; changing its alphabet and its dress code. Turkish women had the priviledge of their right to vote long before many European countries.

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, by establishing a secular democratic state Turkish people has become a free, egalitarian nation, and the Republic Day  celebrated on the 29th October is the anniversary of this important transformation. That’s why republic day is the most important, most sacred Holiday for us.

Modern Turkey was established as a secular country with an egalitarian multi-party democracy where ethnic identities and various religions are respected. Modern Turkey as Ataturk envisioned was established with the principle of Peace at home, peace in the world.

Therefore we would like to commemorate our revered leader Ataturk who is one of the most respected leaders of the world once more during this happy gathering.

Although we are far from home, we are happy to gather here with our Canadian Friends to celebrate our 93rd Anniversary of the Turkish Republic. We wish you all a happy Republic Day!


Tolga Tosun

President, Turkish Canadian Society