Ertugrul 1890 – Kainan 1890 is screened in a joint event by the Turkish Canadian Society and VTFF (Vancouver Turkish Film Festival) organized under the auspices of the TCS and Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey on September 28 2016.

This movie represents the historic friendship between Turkey and Japan in a touching way.
We are two great nations located in far west and east of Asia. This movie shows that regardless of the distances, friendship survives as long as you carry a good heart.We hope future generations will remember this friendship and never forgot these important historical events.

We extend our appreciation to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and T.C. Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey for providing us with the film and supporting us.
We would like to thank Japan Consulate for their help to announced this movie screening to Japanese community.

We also would like to draw your attention to an important event coming up in 2017. The 4th Vancouver Turkish Film Festival will take place in 2017 at SFU Woodwards Cinema.
We are partnering with the SFU Woodwards this year and they are offering their facilities and dedicating their marketing and promotional team to our festival. We would love to see you all there. Keep following us.

Best Regards,

Turkish Canadian Society