Dear members,

There is little time left to celebrate our 23 April National Sovereignity and Children’ s day…

This year the festivities will take place at Performance Works -Granville Island 1218 Cartwright Street on April 24, 2016 – This year as well we will have exciting surprizes, competitions, games , shows , guests and activities as in the previos years. Yet we need your support and participation to make this day a memorable one.

Talent Show:

We are inviting all talented kids and teens to present and share their talents on stage. Sky is the limit for the creative ideas to be presented. Max 3 min, each presentor can sing, tell a joke, dance etc… Our kids who would like to perform can reach us by an e mail indicating their info ( name/phone/mail/age) as well as a short explanation of their performance and what they would need from us as material. All participants will receive small prizes!!!
We also would like to ask each kid to send us a song they would like to hear during the festival.

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Turkish Canadian Society

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