We will restart publishing our Toplum Magazine this year and the first volume will be distributed at our International Children’s Festival on Apr 24th, 2016, it will also be mailed/emailed to our members. This is a great opportunity to let the members of Turkish Society and friends of Turkish Society in Vancouver to get to know of your business, support your community and attract customers/clients.

Please find a list of the ad pricing:

Business Card size: $75
1/4 page: $125
1/2 page: $200
Full page: $300

Promotion: Toplum Magazine will have 4 volumes throughout the year, if you commit to all 4 volumes for the same size of ad you would get 50% off.

Please contact Mine Dery if for this opportunity to promote your business at 604 992 1703 or mine.dery@investorsgroup.com

Mine Dery on behalf of Turkish Canadian Society of Vancouver